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Connect With Your Customers When It Most Matters To Them

We create appropriately configured online advertising campaigns which yield meaningful results within a short time

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Digital Advertising Services - Zemoro

What We Offer

Google Ads

Digital Advertising in Google Search and Display Networks, Google Shopping and YouTube

Google Ads campaigns set up, monitoring and management

Google Remarketing Campaigns to bring back interested customers

Conversion tracking, Google Analytics and Reporting to measure ads performance

Paid Social in Facebook and Instagram

Defining the right type of ad, platform, campaign objectives and budget

Audience segmentation and setting up ads targeting

Social Media Campaigns Optimization and ongoing tuning

Monitoring of analytics and advertising performance through tracking pixels

Bing ads

Building local or global ads campaigns in the Bing search engine

Account management, optimization and analytics

Conversion tracking and reporting

Yandex Direct

Launching Yandex Direct advertising campaigns for promotion in CIS countries

Remarketing, performance audit and improvements

Campaign maintenance and continuous monitoring


Getting additional reach from wide-scale advertising networks

Advanced targeting options to engage the most relevant audiences

Static, animated banners, video ads and teaser ads

Drive ConversionsClicksSales

Pay Per Click that makes a difference

Whether you want to increase brand awareness or boost conversions, PPC has proven itself as an efficient marketing tool that really performs. Compared to organic search efforts, paid search is able to drive results in a very short period of time. The most important aspect of PPC is that you pay only when a potential customer actually clicks on your add. So you do not spend promotion money in vain on people who have no interest in you product or service.

Integrating Google Ads with Google Analytics will show a broader picture of user behaviour after they click on your ad. These analytical tools provide valuable insights that help identify areas for improvement and ways to optimize advertising campaigns for better conversion rates.


Why use Paid Social

Nowadays, over 3 billion people worldwide spend their free time browsing Social Media. This makes paid social a cutting edge marketing tool in the digital era. Facebook and Instagram advertising is an effective way to increase your brand presence among the relevant audiences. Paid social not only can push forward the organic posts, but also promote specific products or services, drive traffic to your website, help you get more leads and engage with your customers in a most interactive way

Targeting creates a lot of possibilities for identifying the right buyers’ segment based on demographic data, interests, hobbies or professional background. This makes your advertising laser-focused and pertinent and helps it resonate with prospects.

3 More Reasons To Work With Us

From keyword research and ad copy creation to performance tracking, we will take care of your digital advertising efforts
Digital Advertising in Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads

We rely on data analysis

Using ads statistics and performance tracking provides valuable insights for educated decision making. We slice and dice advertising data to get the most from the ad spend.

We know how to work with small budgets

Tight budget is no longer an obstacle for efficient online promotion of your brand. We employ budget-friendly advertising strategies where each dollar counts and yields benefit for your business.

We value transparency

We aim at building strong relationships with our clients founded on trust and unhindered communication. Regular reporting will keep you informed on where your money goes.

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You know the nuts and bolts of the way your business operates, and we will equip you with all the right instruments for it to grow online

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