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Seo Eskimo is a website for a small remote SEO agency based in London. The client came up with an idea of a logo associated with the Eskimo’s theme. We helped to extend the idea into a one-of-a-kind design concept. The concept was implemented as


Building a mobile-friendly website for an AI and ML startup. Kibernetika AI created a platform for artificial intelligence and machine learning model development. The task was to develop a logotype and corporate website, describing the company’s highly innovative product and services. The logo, forming the


The website for an insurance company specializing in per-job liability insurance. The design is clean, light and up-to-date while standing out with fun illustrations. These cartoonish illustrations serve a narrative purpose. Each picture has its character and a small storyline, depicting real-life cases when per-job


Development of the design and illustrations for a VPN service website. The website has a fascinating background animation effect. The background elements reminding of mapped stars in the sky, respond to the user’s mouse movement and create a fluidity feeling. Supplemented with small pieces of

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